Management Training Program Components

1. Pre-assessment

Each company will be given pre-assessment forms to use with their management team. This simple questionnaire will allow you as an owner to see where your managers feel they need the most help.

2. Choose Course Preferences

After evaluating the assessments from your managers, and understanding the greatest needs in your own company, you may select your course preferences. Each company involved will choose their “Top 5” out of our 72 management subjects that they would like to have included within a twelve-week course. We will guarantee that all the #1 and #2 selections will be a part of the course and will set the twelve-week program up considering all the priority selections from participating companies.

3. 30-Minute Training Videos

Each participant will watch a 30-minute training video, at their leisure, within a six-day assigned period. In these videos, participants will receive teaching on a management subject from one of our ME4 Business Solutions’ trainers.

4. Questionnaire

After watching the training video, each participant will complete the Questionnaire Form for the week. This questionnaire is designed to help the participating manager think through the video they just watched; identifying practical action steps. This will also guide our trainers in leading the “Weekly Video Management Coaching” sessions.

5. Weekly Video Management Coaching

Each week, on the same day and time, each participating manager will be invited to join a video conference call. An ME4 trainer will lead a one-hour, Management Coaching session. Taking the practical action steps, identified from the questionnaires, our trainer will spend this time with the group to help them to become more successful in applying the teaching in day-to-day management scenarios. Each group size will be set to a maximum of ten participants. ME4 Business Solutions uses “Zoom Cloud Meeting” for our video conferencing. Our IT people will be available to help each participant set up this easy-to-use program.

6. Weekly Recap to Owners

Every week, within 48 hours of the Video Management Coaching, each business owner (CEO or designated executive) will receive a recap from the previous week. In this recap, we will include highlights from what your managers have learned as well as candid feedback on where your managers could use further coaching.

Management Training Subjects

These Management Training Subjects would be broken into 12-week sessions. The entire course (72 weekly subjects) can take place in as little as 18 months (one session per quarter).

Each 12-week session will be made up of your selections from the seven categories (72 individual weekly subjects) below:

  • Personal Development

    1. Managing Yourself #1 – the basics of personal time management
    2. Managing Yourself #2 – personal habits for success
    3. Basic Accounting #1 – Profit & Loss, Gross Margins and Net Profit
    4. Basic Accounting #2 – Balance Sheet, Asset Management, AR and AP
    5. Basic Accounting #3 – creating and managing a budget
    6. Business Etiquette – the basics of how to be professional in the workplace
  • Leadership Development

    1. Leading Effective Meetings – get the most out of your meetings
    2. Public Speaking – best practices for presenting
    3. Conflict Resolution – how to effectively deal with conflict
    4. Motivational Tools – get the most out of your team
    5. Understanding Behavioral Styles – learn to understand others more effectively
    6. Issues – how to effectively resolve issues
    7. Listening Skills – improve your communication skills through better listening
    8. Team Building Tools – how to create a team environment
    9. Intergenerational Workplace – how to work with a team that spans generations
    10. Vision and Mission – how to keep your team focused and “rowing together”
    11. Representing the Company – learn to properly reflect owners to employees
  • Organization Strength

    1. Risk Management – how to be aware of risks and liabilities
    2. Organization (Accountability) Chart – understand how to support the structure
    3. Core Values – how to use them in hiring, managing and decision making
    4. Right People / Right Seat – ongoing employee assessments
    5. Goals – how do we set them, track them, and succeed in hitting them
    6. Operating Systems – understand how to use your operating system to its best
    7. Software Systems – how to get the most out of your software as a manager
    8. Managing Up – learn to communicate more effectively with your boss
    9. Cross Department Communication – increase your peer-to-peer skills
    10. Process Development 1 – documenting existing procedures
    11. Process Development 2 – developing new procedures
    12. Office Environment – how to improve work flow and productivity
    13. Using Microsoft Excel – creating spreadsheets that work for you
    14. Centralized Filing Systems – get the most out or shared filing systems
  • Customer Development

    1. Marketing Basics 1 – understanding your demographic and your brand
    2. Marketing Basics 2 – helping employees to carry-out your marketing message
    3. Customer Loyalty – what makes a loyalty program work successfully
  • Staff Development

    1. Developing Job Descriptions – creating & using this management tool
    2. Recruiting – best practices for recruiting new talent
    3. Hiring Basics – successful interviews and assessments
    4. Training Basics – learn to use the Teach, Show, Coach, and Assess format.
    5. Onboarding – how to successfully get someone started in your company
    6. Key Performance Indicators – establish a performance driven culture
    7. Scorecards and Scoreboards – are we “winning or losing the game?”
    8. Meeting Structure – how often, with who, for how long, and for what purpose?
    9. Develop a Training Program – learn to create an annual training program
    10. Dealing with Discipline Issues – how to coach difficult employees
    11. Termination – dealing with letting someone go
    12. Product Knowledge – how to help your staff understand your product(s)
    13. Develop a Safety Oriented Team – how to create a culture of safety
    14. Setting Behavior Expectations – set the stage for ongoing coaching
  • Department Specific

    1. Sales 1 – presenting your product/service to folks with different behavioral styles
    2. Sales 2 – the biggest hindrances to selling
    3. Customer Service 1 – increasing customer satisfaction
    4. Customer Service 2 – how to create a customer focused environment
    5. Customer Service 3 – turning complaints into opportunities
    6. Accounting – creating an appropriate segregation of duties
    7. Human Resources 1 – regulations regarding harassment and discrimination
    8. Human Resources 2 – keeping your Employee Handbook up to date
    9. Facility and Fleet Management 1 – developing systems that work
    10. Facility and Fleet Management 2 – safety and compliance
  • HVAC Specific

    1. Service Department 1 – improving technical skills
    2. Service Department 2 – improving soft skills
    3. Service Department 3 – improving average truck day revenue
    4. Service Department 4 – increasing your number of maintenance agreements
    5. Service Department 5 – Increasing lead turnovers
    6. Service Department 6 – reviewing service tickets
    7. Sales Department 3 – improving technical and design skills
    8. Sales Department 4 – improving Average Dollar per Lead (ADL)
    9. Customer Service 4 – segregation of duties
    10. Customer Service 5 – successful scheduling and dispatching
    11. Customer Service 6 – sales support
    12. Installation Department 1 – onboarding new installers
    13. Installation Department 2 – how to train crew leaders
    14. Installation Department 3 – bring jobs in on time and under budget


We charge $750 for each participating manager for a 12-week session. For every three managers from an individual company, a fourth may be added at no additional fee. This fee includes twelve 30-minute training videos, twelve 1-hour video management coaching sessions, and all other assessments, questionnaires, and recaps described above. Any additional, on-line coaching beyond the program described will be charged at $100 per hour.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If during your first four sessions, you are dissatisfied with our Online Management Training Program, you may choose to leave our program and we will refund 100% of your investment.


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